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Alison Vincent
Founder and Manager Director
AVA packagjng solutions Ltd
Alison helps FMCG / CPG Packaging Departments to create value for their companies through a number of key strategies including innovation, cost control, enhanced delivery and quality, robust processes and other outcomes. Through her work with over 100 companies over the last 30 years she has crystallised the 7 key elements that Packaging Departments need to address in order to create and drive value. She is Founder and Managing Director at AVA packaging solutions – an independent partner to retailers, brand owners, packer/fillers and design agencies as well as helping clients with specialist packaging projects. Before AVA, Alison worked as Global Head of Packaging at Sara Lee, Safeway Stores, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola & Schweppes, Mothercare and Lyons Tetley.