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Packaging News Live 2015 :: Day one programme

Day one programme, 11 November

We have now published the final programme for Packaging News Live

Day one programme, 11 November 2015

Day two programme, 12 November 2015




Packaging News Live programme, Wednesday 11 November


9.00 Coffee and pastries; welcome

9.30 Opening keynote session - Conference Room 1
9.30 Welcome
Philip Chadwick, Packaging News editor
9.35 Keynote - Retail trends and their effect on packaging
Ian Schofield, Own label and packaging manager, Iceland
Along with the Aldi/Lidl effect, own-label growth, GSCOP influence, negative inflation on food, shelf-ready packaging and so on, packaging suppliers and specifiers face an ever-changing set of requirements to succeed in the retail space. Ian Schofield will explore the trends and influences in this opening keynote presentation.
10.10 Packaging in 2015: the business landscape
Nicholas Mockett, head of packaging M&A, Moorgate Capital
Nicholas Mockett of Moorgate Capital gives an overview of the opportunities, challenges and health of the international packaging supply chain.
10.35 Coffee and networking break
11.00 Breakout sessions
Conference Room 1 – Innovation workshop
In association with DS Smith, UK Packaging
The game changing packs
Peter Singleton, consultant, formerly of Procter & Gamble
Packaging innovation expert Peter Singleton, formerly of Procter & Gamble, picks his top 5 packaging innovations from the past year and discusses their significance to the wider market.
The future is digital – isn’t it?
Tony Foster, sales and marketing director, DS Smith, UK Packaging
DS Smith has embarked on an audacious programme with HP to develop breakthrough technology. It will result in a credible digital print solution for large scale corrugated factories - complete with the agility that digital technology brings.
Challenges and opportunities in confectionary packaging R&D
Bruce Funnell, head of packaging, Nestlé PTC
Bruce Funnell of Nestlé and Josh Brooks of Packaging News discuss the drivers for innovation in the confectionery market and look at how brands are innovating to respond to issues such as sustainability and portion control.
Packaging encounters in the automotive industry
Theodoros Striftompolas, International Packaging Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover
Launching and maintaining manufacturing operations and production abroad is not an easy task. A brief account of some of the challenges involved and what it means to design, develop and manage packaging for the production of luxury cars with distinct requirements and characteristics.
Conference Room 2 – Future packaging
In association with HP Graphic Solutions Business
The future of branding
Andrew Knowles, chairman and co-founder, jkr
Andrew Knowles, founder of design agency jkr, explores the future of branding through case studies and examples of the packs and brands that are redefining consumers’ relationships with products now; with a look ahead to where branding and packaging will go in the years to come.
Adventures in print - it’s not just a name on a bottle
Paul Randall, worldwide brands business development manager, HP Graphic Solutions Business
Brands are using digital print as a means to disrupt categories, win the hearts and minds of consumers and drive sales. This session will focus on the opportunity around using pack as media and present case studies where HP digital print technologies have helped brands to succeed - all achieved with a clear ROI and showing there is life after “Share a Coke”.
Packaging NPD and developing future packs
Paul Day, packaging technology, LF Beauty
Paul Day, packaging technologist at LF Beauty, looks at the NPD process for packaging and discusses how to manage NPD projects, the pitfalls to avoid and where to look for inspiration to innovate and create exciting new packaging formats and designs.
Finding packaging stars of the future - the next step 
Haulwen Nicholas, packaging development manager, Muller Dairy
Haulwen Nicholas, head of packaging at Muller, looks at how the next generation of industry talent can emerge and what the sector needs to do to bring in fresh blood. She will also reveal details of a new training initiative for post-graduates.
12.40 Lunch and networking break
2.00 Breakout sessions
Conference Room 1 – Brands and the changing retail market
In association with Sun Branding Solutions
Achieving brand differentiation in an homogenised retail landscape
Sonia Whiteley-Guest, Group commercial director, Sun Branding Solutions
As discounters grow and Amazon renews its threat to enter the grocery market, on what level will brands needs to compete to win?
Designing packaging to meet the challenges in a changing world
Simon Oxley, Packaging Technologist - Food, Marks & Spencer
Simon Oxley of M&S considers the demands that consumers place on food packaging and the big trends affecting packaging design and reveals how M&S is responding to those challenges.
Shelf impact in a multichannel retail world
Grant Montague, vice president – Europe, Perception Research Services
Grant Montague explores the current approaches to packaging that achieves stand-out in online retail and the in-store environment, and discusses the different demands placed on developers and designers to create successful packaging for each retail channel.
How will our packaging needs change to meet new world shopping and living requirements?
Gillian Garside Wight, packaging technology director, Sun Branding Solutions
Gillian Garside-Wight explores the changing needs of packaging to meet consumers’ shopping requirements today and the predicted shopping and sustainable living demands of the future.
Conference Room 2 – Taste, trends and packaging
In association with British Glass
Wagamama at home – how pack innovation helped revitalise the takeaway experience
Darren Foley, managing director, Pearlfisher and Andre Johnstone, head of digital and loyalty,
Famed for challenging what we ate, how we sat side-by-side and promoting a new casual dining code, high street restaurant icon, wagamama, needed to reignite their challenger approach when it came to takeaway for the increasing number of consumers looking to enjoy wagamama at home. They appointed leading brand design consultancy Pearlfisher to reimagine the full wagamama takeaway experience, better connecting the home experience to the excitement, taste and aesthetic value that can be found in the wagamama restaurants. Darren Foley, Pearlfisher Managing Director and Andre Johnstone, wagamama Head of Digital & Loyalty, will discuss how future focused insight and a creative packaging solution has revolutionsed the restaurant icon's takeaway experience for consumers.
Beer bottles and taste: an interactive session
Jane Peyton, beer sommelier, School of Booze
Britain’s first Beer Sommelier of the Year Jane Peyton will give an entertaining presentation about the world’s favourite alcoholic drink – beer. Taking a journey from beer’s origins to today’s dynamic brewing scene, she will also discuss how the shape of glassware influences the taste of the beer, why beer is such a great match for food, and her work with the Friends of Glass consumer group.

How packaging adapts to demographic changes
Antoinette Devine, Manager packaging: sustainability and innovation, SAB Miller
Antoinette Devine examines how packs can change according to consumer trends and goes through some examples of when packaging really chimes with demographic changes.

3.40 Coffee and networking break
4.10 Closing keynote session - Conference Room 1
4.10 Keynote: Be distinctive – or die
Jeremy Lindley, global design director, Diageo
In an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace how do brands stand out and grow?  Jeremy argues that brands must be distinctive in order to thrive.  Insights from neuroscience will highlight why being visually distinctive works, the power of touch and how the human brain recognises and decodes signals.  Our brain does not work as we think it does!  Jeremy brings the topic to life with examples of Diageo brands, some hundreds of years old, others just launched.
5.00 Conference closes

Please note that this agenda is for information only and is subject to change without notice. Please check back regularly to see any changes and additions to the programme.


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